Using the Mobile Site

EventBooking's mobile site is a streamlined, small-screen-friendly version of your account that allows you to view your calendar, request a hold, and send your avails -- all from your phone.

The full desktop site can be accessed from your mobile device as well, but the streamlined mobile site can be easier to use on a small phone screen.

This article will walk you through:

To create a shortcut to the mobile site on the home screen of your phone, see this article.

Calendar Shortcuts and Avails Presets

To view more than one calendar in the mobile site, you will need to use Calendar Shortcuts, which are created in the full desktop site. To create a shortcut, see this article or view the video below.

The mobile site uses the same avails presets as the full site, but you will not be able to preview your avails report before sending. To familiarize yourself with your avails presets, see this article or view the video below.


Logging in to the Mobile Site

You will use the same username and password on the mobile site as you do on the full site. You will need to go to the mobile URL which corresponds with your desktop URL:

If you log in to a venue specific or venue network specific site, please contact us for your mobile URL.

Viewing Your Calendar

Please note that since this video was recorded, we have updated the mobile site to also include event timelines (showtimes, etc.) on the details pane.

Adding a Request

Please note that all events added via the mobile site will have the status Request for Hold. You will then need to grant the hold or confirm the event in the full site. To help manage these requests, you may:

  • Create a Request for Hold Widget on your home page. This will allow you to quickly see if there are any requests awaiting action.
  • Create an Alert. You will then receive an email to remind you of the requests awaiting action.
  • Since this video was recorded, we have updated the mobile site to give you the ability to choose who will be able to view the notes you add. By default, the notes are private to you. To allow all other users on your account to view the notes, check the box. Notes added in the mobile app will appear in the Notes tab on the event's details page.


Sending Avails




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